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The Autonomous and Ultra peripheral Regions of Spain (Canary) and Portugal (Madeira and Azores) are involved in the Project.
The Azores, Madeira and Canary Archipelagos are located in the eastern North Atlantic, more precisely in the Macaronesian biogeographic region, where there are similar oceanographic and ecologic environmental parameters.



Despite the differences in the biodiversity indices between the Archipelagos, mainly due to its different dimensions and geological age, there are similar cetacean’s species between these three regions, and there are also indications of dolphins and whales moving between the Archipelagos along the year.

The fact of existing clues that the target species of this project use the seas of the three archipelagos as their habitat, it makes a pressing case for a common study, management and conservation measures.

Therefore, the Project contemplates a group change and analysis of the existent data on these species in each of the archipelagos, and to implement (with specific protocols for the three archipelagos) and perform scientific research within the group (involving researchers of the three archipelagos on the fieldwork).

The knowledge acquired during the Project will be communicated to each governmental body with the aim of improving the management and conservation measures of cetaceans. In this way, it will be possible to improve problems related to anthropogenic pressure upon the cetaceans, especially due to the eco-tourism that is developing on the three archipelagos (with different intensities).

Another aim of this project is to establish a Macaronesian Network for the Study and Conservation of the cetaceans within the local institutions, and to promote it.

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